yoga a go go


Never really been a fan of this backbend. We don’t do it often and I sure don’t do it on my own for fun, so I haven’t had much opportunity to change my relationship with Camel.



Backbends are still probably the most challenging category of poses for me. Maybe I should practice them more.


I smiled when I came across this picture. I can’t remember the last time I tried this (difficult!) pose. It’s hard to see, because the figurine is so skinny, but one arm is wrapped around her back and her hands are clasped beneath her thigh. For a more beautiful and lifelike demonstration, see Ana Forrest.


There are two teachers I’ve been taking classes from at my new studio. One hardly ever includes Warrior poses. The other teacher includes them from time to time, maybe every 2 or 3 classes. One thing I like about standing poses like Warrior is how much concentration they take, and how much they therefore help me empty my mind of other crap. 

Practicing Bow pose, among others, has definitely strengthened my back.


In the picture, it looks like the figurine is only lifting her wee chest, leaving her belly and pelvis in contact with the floor. It also looks like her enormous feet are nearly touching her head. Neither of those details is a strictly accurate representation of what my own Bow looks like, at least I don’t think so. Her limbs aren’t really in proper proportion, so I may take artistic liberties when I pose her :-)


This delightful side stretch is one that my current teacher likes to use as we’re getting warmed up. I think I’ve done more of these in the past 2-3 months than in the previous 2-3 years. It’s interesting, what different teachers decide to emphasize.

As promised…


One of my current motifs is seeking balance in my life. So let’s kick off this series with Tree. Ahhh.


It’s clear that I took this photo with a cruddy webcam, isn’t it. I really need find this little toy again and stage another photoshoot :-)