While searching the Internet for the user guide to my pedometer whose craptacular interface could be the subject of an expletive-laden post unto itself, I had the great fortune to view a web page that told me (click to enlarge)




In the website’s list of top artists listened to by that site’s members, they present the information in this attractive graph:


At first, I wondered, how could the # of listeners be greater than the # of tracks played (that’s what it looks like is happening for Coldplay, the first artist in the list). Then I realized that the dark blue bars and the light blue bars are using DIFFERENT SCALES OF MEASUREMENT. Like, by an order of magnitude. The # of listeners is around 10^5, and # of tracks played is around 10^6.

For f*ck’s sake, people.

Seen yesterday on


OMG! Vogue! OMG!


Seen in the Cinerama lobby as we were leaving The Godfather: a cardboard stand-up ad thingy for a movie about a headless dog? Or maybe someone made this dog’s owner an offer he couldn’t refuse?


I’ve had my iPhone for nearly 4 weeks and I just love it. Two things have surprised me about it compared to my previous (Windows Mobile) phone – one positive thing and one negative thing.

On the plus side, the iPhone has no problem playing .wav files, but my Windows Mobile 5 phone didn’t seem to be able to do so. This, despite having a mobile version of Windows Media Player loaded in it. C’mon! The importance of .wav files to me is that our home phone service is provided by Vonage, which sends us our voicemails as .wav attachments to email (which I can check on my phone).

On the negative side, the iPhone doesn’t offer any UI for saving a phone number directly from anywhere outside the Phone application, to a contact. When you tap on a phone number in Safari or in an email, for example, it offers you a dialog to Call or Cancel. No “save”. My Windows Mobile phone could bring up a few options when a phone number was selected, including Save to Contact – and I could choose to create a new one or add the number to an existing one. Certainly, calling the number would be the #1 task. But I can’t believe that saving it wouldn’t be a close second, particularly a number you were sent in email. Yes, the workaround is to call the number, hang up, and then save it from the Recent Calls list.

This morning we had brunch and a stroll with our out-of-town friends through the Olympic Sculpture Garden, or whatever it’s called. A bouncer yelled at their 4-yr-old daughter for touching something, and made her cry.

Not recommended. The art isn’t even all that great. Although the view of the bay is very nice.


I was changing the box of baking soda refrigerator deodorant and noticed something curious. Can you spot it? Old box is on the left, new box is on the right…


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