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Saturday night we went to see United State of Electronica at the newly remodeled and reopened Crocodile Cafe, a review of which performance shall be forthcoming. This post is photos and a welcome back to club itself!



It’s Webbie’s fault, really.

(cut for excessive rambling about The Hold Steady)


You’ll need them after reading the Sasquatch 2009 lineup:


Until the premiere of Dollhouse!

until the release of Morrissey’s next album!


In anticipation, I’ve been on a Smiths/Moz listening binge the last couple of days. Let’s play name that song:

if you ever need self-validation
just meet me in the alley by the railway-station

My current work situation has me rubbing elbows with lots of other music-geek types. This is highly desirable. For example, this week at work I learned that beloved Seattle institution The Crocodile Cafe, which closed abruptly ~a year ago, will soon be reopening!!!!!!! How did I miss this!

Um, this news pretty much made my LIFE. Not my day, my LIFE.

A few upcoming shows are listed in the local alternative paper: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Search?search=music&keywords=crocodile

In fact, there are renovation pictures and more info: http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2009/02/03/a_peek_inside_the_crocodile

The venue website is “opening soon”: http://www.thecrocodile.com/

And I think we should spend some time daydreaming about the ultimate epic reopening show. Let’s stay in the realm of reality, I mean, sure, Kurt Cobain coming back from the dead to reunite Nirvana would qualify as epic, no question there, but strictly speaking, it is just not realistic. Ready? GO.

Ngggggggggggghhh! asdf;slfsdaofjkdsf;jsa!

*flail* *squeal*

I’m practically VIBRATING with excitement and a little anxiety over this news: the newly-restored GF I and II will be showing at SIFF Cinema between now and Jan 1st! Faithful readers might recall that I temporarily lost my mind from the joy of seeing Godfather at Cinerama in October.

Unfortunately the friend who I would be most likely to see these movies with has a pretty non-overlapping vacation schedule with me, and we’ll only be in town together I think on the 29th and 30th, and the 29th we are already going to see Twilight, which by the way is a WHOLE ‘nother dysfunctional situation in and of itself. I probably should post a justification for that.

But anyway, link to more info and ticket purchase:

The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II < Series & Events < Seattle International Film Festival

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