Seen in the snack/gift shop of my hotel in Las Vegas: “Sin City Suckers” at a whopping $2.50 each:



I was going to be in Las Vegas anyway, so when I found out that The Hold Steady would be playing the night I arrived, I nearly broke my fingers getting to Ticketmaster as fast as I could :-)

Yep, I landed Monday around 8pm, got a taxi to my hotel, unpacked quickly, and headed straight on up to a cute little club called Beauty Bar. Someone was even getting a manicure in the front barroom when I arrived. I actually didn’t have much opportunity to check it out because the show was outside behind the building in a space that probably fit <500 people. It was a beautiful mild evening in the low 70’s, maybe upper 60’s. Wow.

I had gotten there pretty early so I was able to get right up front and center so I could jump around and wave arms with all the other crazies. I was never more than 3 people deep from the stage at any time, which was extra good because the stage was pretty low. Further back I wouldn’t have been able to see very well. I met a guy who flew in from Detroit for the show(!!) who said he’d seen them 16 or 17 times. In comparison, my 6 or so times doesn’t seem too stalkerish, now does it!

The show itself was fantastic as expected – a nice long set, too. Extended squee and flail and SETLIST and pix after the cut.


I was recently out of town on business, and went out for sushi with a colleague. We were fortunate that a highly regarded Japanese restaurant was located next door to our hotel. They had something on the menu called an “aloha roll” which I don’t think I have seen elsewhere: tuna, avocado, and mango. Yeah, mango! YUM. I’m going to be on the lookout for it from now on.

Next month I have to go to Dallas, TX for a few days for work, the week before I go to Las Vegas. So I’ve got a relevant Hold Steady lyric in my head now:

we didn’t go to dallas. ’cause jackie onassis said that it ain’t safe for catholics yet. think about what they pulled on kennedy. and then think about his security. then think about what they might try to pull on you and me.

It’s Webbie’s fault, really.

(cut for excessive rambling about The Hold Steady)


Over New Years’ we went to Sun Peaks, BC with seven friends and had a ball. One night we drove down to Kamloops for a junior hockey game :-)

Despite being last in their division, Moose Jaw really took it to Kamloops. They do have the WHL’s leading scorer, and we saw him score two breakaway shorthanded goals, which, wow.

It was a nice arena, probably seating 6500 or so, and totally tailored to hockey. Unlike Key Arena where the Thunderbirds have been playing, which is crap. Also unlike the Key, the arena food was actually good.

I’m celebrating in British Columbia with friends; will be back in a few days!

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