Journalists (Slate), reporting on other journalists (LA Times, NYT), reporting on comedians (Jon Stewart), praising their journalism.

Jim Cramer got roasted this week by Daily Show host Jon Stewart for failing to warn the public about the impending financial crisis; the Post writes enviously of Stewart’s ability to puncture “the balloons of the powerful with a caustic candor that reporters cannot muster.” The NYT compares the episode—apparently favorably—to a Senate hearing: “Mr. Stewart treated his guest like a C.E.O. subpoenaed to testify before Congress: his point was not to hear Mr. Cramer out, but to act out a cathartic ritual of indignation and castigation.”

I can’t decide if it’s surreal, postmodern, or just plain tragic.


Ouch. Let us speak of this wretched game no more.

Instead let us hope that Spokane wins its final 2 games of the season so that Seattle can face Kelowna in the first round of the playoffs and my epic crush on that team can be catered to. God my life is so small sometimes :-)

text_blog_by___yourbestbet__ I have a feeling I’m way late to this party, but whatever. I recently discovered the website (F*ck My Life), where the premise seems to be that people pseudonymously confess a short tale illustrating something lousy that happened to them. These submissions all take a common format:

Today, <story>. FML.

These are suspiciously well formed, well typed, correctly spelled, and free of Internet abbreviations, leading me to wonder whether they are completely made up, or just edited to have a more or less standard voice. Some of them also defy belief.

Regardless, the interesting thing is that under each tale of woe is a mechanism for the reader to vote on the wretchedness of the author. To express sympathy, click “I agree, your life is f*cked”. Otherwise, click “you deserved that one”. You can see the current vote totals even if you don’t vote. It’s an interesting snapshot insight into the mindset of the site’s readership.

I am seriously fascinated with this and have put a lot of grouped examples after the cut… warning, as you would expect for such a site, many of the submitted stories are sexual in nature…


Yeah, I’ve been putting off admitting anything more about reading or seeing Twilight. I think it’s best to combine it all in one post and get it over with.

I agree with what the lead actor said in the interview that prompted this whole adventure for me. He says the books make you feel “uncomfortable” and “shouldn’t have been published” (!!!). HAH. But I seriously can’t discuss this anymore in public, I have to put it behind a cut.


Yesterday I confessed that I’ll be seeing Twilight soon. I feel the need to justify this. DON’T JUDGE ME.

Basically, somehow or other I wound up seeing this video interview with the lead actor. And I got a little obsessed with it. I’d never really heard much of Twilight before seeing this, I was dimly aware of the novel(s) but I didn’t even know it was being made into a movie. Apparently to huge amounts of hype? That I completely missed until now?

So the situation with the video is, it’s like the four most trainwrecky minutes ever. I keep forwarding it to people. He insults the books, the author, and the fans. And yet, despite all that, I can’t help feeling sorry for him because he is obviously in way over his head, I guess the fans of this series must be pretty over the top… The body language… And the poor interviewer keeping a straight face and trying to save the interview by steering it back into safer territory… I LOVE IT.

So whatever. Now I just have to see this movie, okay? My friend is making me read the book first, and I have to say it’s some of the worst “writing” I have ever encountered. I’m still in the middle of it but I seriously don’t think even a middle-school creative writing teacher could give it a passing grade.

I can’t wait!!!

I got an email about the new 3rd jersey for the Flyers and why do teams persist with this stripe-around-the-hips design? It looks like they put a thick white belt over an orange jersey. Who thinks this is a good idea? WHO?



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It’s not bad enough that I found out that not so long ago, I dressed like Larry Brown in the 70’s. Now it seems the fictional Liz Lemon of 30 Rock wore a similar sweater as a D&D dungeon master nerd in college. Hers has a turtleneck. My husband’s comment?

maybe now you believe me about that sweater.

Screencap evidence of fashion crimes below the fold.


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