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You know the internet, right, how one link leads to another, blah blah blah? Well one way or another I recently read about a new online journal –Transformative Works and Cultures — that I’m kind of excited about. Its focus is transformative works, primarily fan-created works that are based on existing works in popular culture. Sounds fancy! The journal’s goal of bridging academic and fandom communities in a free online journal is a laudable one. There is a non-peer-reviewed section that publishes essays from fans outside of the academy. Awesome.

A while back I posted a link to a video that set clips of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to a song from Requiem for a Dream, giving the clips entirely new meaning. Well, it seems this is an example of a longstanding tradition called “vidding” and like many fandom practices, it has its roots in the practices of female fans of Star Trek. I highly recommend reading the very interesting article:

Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding


The article presents some history and theory about vidding, and being an online publication, it takes excellent advantage of the medium and includes relevant multimedia content to illustrate relevant points. I spent a bunch of time reading the article and viewing the various clips. The most mesmerizing by far was a vid for a show and fandom I don’t know anything about – Battlestar Gallactica. I don’t know if my reaction would be different if I was actually familiar with the show, the characters, the context of the clips, but I can tell you I’ve watched it five times and it gave me 3 solid minutes of skin-crawling chills each time.

(please no clarifying discsussion or BSG spoilers – it’s been on my list of shows to check out for a while and I’m thinking this summer hiatus will be the time I get around to it)

I also recommend viewing the Star Trek vids and reading the discussion about them in the article:


I know what you’re thinking First Twilight, now High School Musical? Somehow my friend and I talked ourselves into watching them. It didn’t take a lot of persuading.

Shut up. It was cute, OKAY. Cute and ridiculous and cheesy and full of appealing fresh-faced youngsters. There are group dance numbers that involve basketballs. Basketballs! There are colorful outfits and hats and hairstyles that inspire crazy glee/awe in me.

I actually kind of think Ashley Tisdale has legit star quality. Now that I know who she is. Worse, I am at risk for developing a mild Zac Efron problem. I’m sorry! I blame the baseball shirts! Or possibly his trim little hips [sorry, do your own google image search].

But then he had to go and ruin everything:

Zac Efron has pulled out of the lead role in a remake of Footloose planned at Paramount.


I NEED THAT REMAKE. Preferably with Kevin Bacon as the preacher father.

Journalists (Slate), reporting on other journalists (LA Times, NYT), reporting on comedians (Jon Stewart), praising their journalism.

Jim Cramer got roasted this week by Daily Show host Jon Stewart for failing to warn the public about the impending financial crisis; the Post writes enviously of Stewart’s ability to puncture “the balloons of the powerful with a caustic candor that reporters cannot muster.” The NYT compares the episode—apparently favorably—to a Senate hearing: “Mr. Stewart treated his guest like a C.E.O. subpoenaed to testify before Congress: his point was not to hear Mr. Cramer out, but to act out a cathartic ritual of indignation and castigation.”


I can’t decide if it’s surreal, postmodern, or just plain tragic.

We’re three episodes into Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse. So far I think I do like it, but I don’t love it. Yet. And I can’t tell if I will. Vaguely spoilery thoughts for the episodes that have aired, I guess, so here’s a jump cut just in case. I’m not talking plot though, just premise and presentation.


I don’t actually have a *lot* to say, and none of it has any value, but it’s spoilery for the finale that aired this week, so, my blahblah behind the cut.


Until the premiere of Dollhouse!

The other day I got a sudden urge to see pictures of the character Lindsey McDonald from Angel with his season 5 tattoos that masked him from The Powers That Be. Because, well, um.


In case you are wondering, it turns out an effective web query for this is “Angel screencaps”. You’re welcome.


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