text_blog_by___yourbestbet__ Courtesy of thatmathchick, a round-up of academic papers regarding the existence of vampires. Physicists, mathematicians, and economists all have had their say on the topic.

Papers mentioned include:

  • "Cinema Fiction vs. Physics Reality"
  • "Mathematics of the Human Vampire Conflict"
  • "The Transylvanian Problem of Renewable Resources"
  • "Cycles of Fear: Periodic Bloodsucking Rates for Vampires"
  • "Macroeconomic Policy and the Optimal Destruction of Vampires"

No doubt to the chagrin of creationists, there is a very cool arena show touring the U.S. called Walking with Dinosaurs. It’s aimed at kids, but was enjoyable for adults too. I’m thinking the stage size must have been approximately the size of a hockey rink, and the Key Arena seating was a U-shape around it. A narrator tells you interesting things about the dinosaurs and the vegetation on Earth during the various geologic eras, and HUGE ASS MOVING REPLICA DINOSAURS move around the stage. Recommended! It has already left Seattle though.

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So I was reading the couple of pages about making candy in Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking and learned something. The temperature of boiling syrup is determined by the concentration of sugar in the water. Meaning, you have to boil off more water and therefore make the syrup more concentrated in order to reach 300 degrees. Which means, if I start with less water in the pan in the first place, it takes less time to make a batch of lollipops than it’s been taking me so far. It seems to be true.

The part that hurts my brain is wondering: does this also mean that if I dumped more sugar into already-boiling syrup, the temperature would rise accordingly? That would be strange.