The other day I was enjoying a quality bagel at a local bagel shop, and flipping idly through some kind of free Northwest winter sports booster publication, which contained a Q&A article. One of the questions was answered in such a way as to call in question the author’s and editor’s understanding of the word “why”.

In case you can’t read the text (iPhone camera isn’t great at close range) I’ll transcribe below the picture.


Q: Why do some airlines refused to insure checked skis?

A: Some airlines insure skis only if packed in a hard rigid case. If skis are in soft cases, some airlines may accept them conditionally but refuse to insure them. 


If it weren’t for those cocaine monkeys, I wouldn’t be sitting here now, hitting myself with birch branches among the homely.

You have funny conversations with people sometimes. I evidently know someone whose memoirs could begin this way. So much awesome.

For the benefit of certain people who shall remain nameless…



1. sluggish inactivity or inertia.

2. lethargic indifference; apathy.

3. a state of suspended physical powers and activities.

4. dormancy, as of a hibernating animal.



When I quit my job, I had this grand plan of upgrading my fantasy hockey preparation and I’m finally getting around to it. I think the combination of thinking about fantasy hockey and therefore winter, plus the Summer Olympics being on, which made me think about the Winter Olympics, put me in a silly frame of mind. I was recently joking about wanting to participate in fantasy curling.

Well, one web search later, I’m looking at a website where I can sign up to participate in just that. However, it doesn’t seem all that interesting – more like a March Madness pool than a rotisserie league. Also, the deadline for online registration was in 1969. Not sure how that works.


Even the kitty is in a twisting pike position…

The title of this blog post pretty much sums it up:

What is Burger King thinking?

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