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I recently encountered a hilarious scam email. It’s an update to an older scam I remember from years ago; supposedly some kind of notification that you won a prize drawing in the U.K., sponsored by “the prestigious Microsoft and AOL”. The sender’s return address? Is a gmail account. They aren’t even trying, are they?

Lengthy scam mail behind the cut. Strap in for a real LOL-ercoaster ride.



Remember that time when you put your prom photos up on MySpace and got "discovered" and became a modeling sensation? Yeah me neither. Guess our name’s not Sean O’Pry.

You know the internet, right, how one link leads to another, blah blah blah? Well one way or another I recently read about a new online journal –Transformative Works and Cultures — that I’m kind of excited about. Its focus is transformative works, primarily fan-created works that are based on existing works in popular culture. Sounds fancy! The journal’s goal of bridging academic and fandom communities in a free online journal is a laudable one. There is a non-peer-reviewed section that publishes essays from fans outside of the academy. Awesome.

A while back I posted a link to a video that set clips of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to a song from Requiem for a Dream, giving the clips entirely new meaning. Well, it seems this is an example of a longstanding tradition called “vidding” and like many fandom practices, it has its roots in the practices of female fans of Star Trek. I highly recommend reading the very interesting article:

Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding


The article presents some history and theory about vidding, and being an online publication, it takes excellent advantage of the medium and includes relevant multimedia content to illustrate relevant points. I spent a bunch of time reading the article and viewing the various clips. The most mesmerizing by far was a vid for a show and fandom I don’t know anything about – Battlestar Gallactica. I don’t know if my reaction would be different if I was actually familiar with the show, the characters, the context of the clips, but I can tell you I’ve watched it five times and it gave me 3 solid minutes of skin-crawling chills each time.

(please no clarifying discsussion or BSG spoilers – it’s been on my list of shows to check out for a while and I’m thinking this summer hiatus will be the time I get around to it)

I also recommend viewing the Star Trek vids and reading the discussion about them in the article:

Ok, fine, stalking following celebrities is already paying off. On Monday Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) retweeted Rhett Miller’s post about his new song being available on MySpace, and thus I found out Rhett Miller is on Twitter, and blah blah blah the internet is full of underlined words that I just click on and whatever.


WHATEVER. The point is, new Rhett, OK??




  1. Ashton Kutcher is quite possibly incapable of walking away from Twitter for more than 30 minutes at a time. Awesome.
  2. Rainn Wilson may have trouble distinguishing real life from his character’s life. Also awesome.

Rainn tweet

Honestly, I don’t know that I can slice up my internet time any further. There is just so much to read and watch already. But then I run across something like the TWoP slideshow of “celebrity twitters you must follow” and I have to say! It holds some appeal! Even if some are ghost-written!

I feel like I don’t need any more avenues for keeping up with my friends ( though I could be wrong), but actors and musicians and athletes? And whatever? Hmm!

Odds are, I’ll have thrown in the towel and signed up within a week.

While searching the Internet for the user guide to my pedometer whose craptacular interface could be the subject of an expletive-laden post unto itself, I had the great fortune to view a web page that told me (click to enlarge)



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