R.I.P. Dr. Tiller, murdered by domestic terrorists.

Tiller was one of only a handful of physicians in America who perform late-term abortions. He survived an assassination attempt in 1993 and returned to his practice.

Majikthise : Abortion crusader Dr. George Tiller murdered in church


Happy (belated) Roe v. Wade day! For the second year in a row I attended NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s delicious “Chocolate for Choice” event @ Safeco Field’s 1st base Terrace Club. It’s kind of a madhouse, in a good way. Local restaurant pastry chefs and chocolatiers make stuff, and depending on your donation level, you get a small or large box to stuff samples into. As you can see, um, I kind of got the large box… I mean, it *is* for a good cause!

Cupcake Royale had some cute stickers too:

Seen yesterday on msn.com:


OMG! Vogue! OMG!


(no post today)

What’s it going to take, to change the way our culture discusses women?


Or are we all just THAT relieved to find out that Michelle Obama is equally comfortable in designer or budget fashion.

Last night, my neighbors set off some of the fireworks from their July 4th stash. I guess getting busted before using them all up had a benefit :-)

Hey kids! Did you know there’s, like, an election today in the U.S.? Me neither!

Thinking about Drew and Natalie and their baby yesterday reminded me of their Married to the Sea comic, “I hate voting“. How apropos!

You can even get it on a t-shirt, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate, because having a premature baby is financially challenging when you and your spouse are independent artists, and probably not flush with heaps of fancy pants health insurance.

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