Even our cat seems to agree. She spent a lot of time sniffing all over this magazine:

olive Zac

(posted in honor of his new movie opening today. No I don’t have plans to see it. Yet…)


I kind of think Watchmen + IMAX = match made in heaven. It’s just so… big and muscular and colorful and noisy and violent. Yeah.

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to post this, maybe because I’d never read (not even sure I’d heard of) the graphic novel so I had no expectations going into this. So… whatever. I liked it. I liked the whole premise of an alternate universe full of familiar real-life people and events being tweaked. I liked how bleak and dark it was, and how flawed so many of the characters were. And I liked how big and muscular and colorful and noisy and violent it was.

It got a little complicated and hard to follow in parts, and I had a serious problem with some of the sexual politics, but still enjoyed it very much.

I know what you’re thinking First Twilight, now High School Musical? Somehow my friend and I talked ourselves into watching them. It didn’t take a lot of persuading.

Shut up. It was cute, OKAY. Cute and ridiculous and cheesy and full of appealing fresh-faced youngsters. There are group dance numbers that involve basketballs. Basketballs! There are colorful outfits and hats and hairstyles that inspire crazy glee/awe in me.

I actually kind of think Ashley Tisdale has legit star quality. Now that I know who she is. Worse, I am at risk for developing a mild Zac Efron problem. I’m sorry! I blame the baseball shirts! Or possibly his trim little hips [sorry, do your own google image search].

But then he had to go and ruin everything:

Zac Efron has pulled out of the lead role in a remake of Footloose planned at Paramount.

I NEED THAT REMAKE. Preferably with Kevin Bacon as the preacher father.

Yeah, I’ve been putting off admitting anything more about reading or seeing Twilight. I think it’s best to combine it all in one post and get it over with.

I agree with what the lead actor said in the interview that prompted this whole adventure for me. He says the books make you feel “uncomfortable” and “shouldn’t have been published” (!!!). HAH. But I seriously can’t discuss this anymore in public, I have to put it behind a cut.


Yesterday I confessed that I’ll be seeing Twilight soon. I feel the need to justify this. DON’T JUDGE ME.

Basically, somehow or other I wound up seeing this video interview with the lead actor. And I got a little obsessed with it. I’d never really heard much of Twilight before seeing this, I was dimly aware of the novel(s) but I didn’t even know it was being made into a movie. Apparently to huge amounts of hype? That I completely missed until now?

So the situation with the video is, it’s like the four most trainwrecky minutes ever. I keep forwarding it to people. He insults the books, the author, and the fans. And yet, despite all that, I can’t help feeling sorry for him because he is obviously in way over his head, I guess the fans of this series must be pretty over the top… The body language… And the poor interviewer keeping a straight face and trying to save the interview by steering it back into safer territory… I LOVE IT.

So whatever. Now I just have to see this movie, okay? My friend is making me read the book first, and I have to say it’s some of the worst “writing” I have ever encountered. I’m still in the middle of it but I seriously don’t think even a middle-school creative writing teacher could give it a passing grade.

I can’t wait!!!

Ngggggggggggghhh! asdf;slfsdaofjkdsf;jsa!

*flail* *squeal*

I’m practically VIBRATING with excitement and a little anxiety over this news: the newly-restored GF I and II will be showing at SIFF Cinema between now and Jan 1st! Faithful readers might recall that I temporarily lost my mind from the joy of seeing Godfather at Cinerama in October.

Unfortunately the friend who I would be most likely to see these movies with has a pretty non-overlapping vacation schedule with me, and we’ll only be in town together I think on the 29th and 30th, and the 29th we are already going to see Twilight, which by the way is a WHOLE ‘nother dysfunctional situation in and of itself. I probably should post a justification for that.

But anyway, link to more info and ticket purchase:

The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II < Series & Events < Seattle International Film Festival

Seen in the Cinerama lobby as we were leaving The Godfather: a cardboard stand-up ad thingy for a movie about a headless dog? Or maybe someone made this dog’s owner an offer he couldn’t refuse?


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