food I didn’t make

Seen in the snack/gift shop of my hotel in Las Vegas: “Sin City Suckers” at a whopping $2.50 each:



I was recently out of town on business, and went out for sushi with a colleague. We were fortunate that a highly regarded Japanese restaurant was located next door to our hotel. They had something on the menu called an “aloha roll” which I don’t think I have seen elsewhere: tuna, avocado, and mango. Yeah, mango! YUM. I’m going to be on the lookout for it from now on.


These look a lot like mine. And they seem to be developing their own natural flavors. Hmm.

I joke. Sort of. I mean, I’m not selling mine. Yet.

One of the local coffee shops sells candy, including lollipops. I bought a cherry flavored one (they also had strawberry, apple, and lemon I think); it cost 69¢. On the whole, I’d say my lollipops compare favorably to this one.


Happy (belated) Roe v. Wade day! For the second year in a row I attended NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s delicious “Chocolate for Choice” event @ Safeco Field’s 1st base Terrace Club. It’s kind of a madhouse, in a good way. Local restaurant pastry chefs and chocolatiers make stuff, and depending on your donation level, you get a small or large box to stuff samples into. As you can see, um, I kind of got the large box… I mean, it *is* for a good cause!

Cupcake Royale had some cute stickers too:

The wonderful Indian restaurant in walking distance from our house appears to have closed its doors. I loved their Chana masala to a truly ridiculous degree. We used to have a semi-regular thursday tradition of getting takeout with friends and watching The Office and 30 Rock together. We’re going to need to make some modifications to that :-(

I can’t stop thinking about it. The menu read, “Ice cream sandwich” and listed the flavors that would be involved.

A plate arrived, a white rectangle. A row down the center: three little scoops of blackberry ice cream, separated by three round peanut butter cookies. Framed on either side by a stripe of sauce — a thin, smooth peanut butter on the left, a deep purple blackberry on the right. Three perfectly ripe blackberries in one corner of the plate; some raw peanuts occupied the opposite.

So not only was it a deconstructed open-faced ice cream sandwich, it was a charming play on peanut butter and jelly. Wow.

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