Remember that time when you put your prom photos up on MySpace and got "discovered" and became a modeling sensation? Yeah me neither. Guess our name’s not Sean O’Pry.


Seen yesterday on


OMG! Vogue! OMG!


I got an email about the new 3rd jersey for the Flyers and why do teams persist with this stripe-around-the-hips design? It looks like they put a thick white belt over an orange jersey. Who thinks this is a good idea? WHO?



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What’s it going to take, to change the way our culture discusses women?


Or are we all just THAT relieved to find out that Michelle Obama is equally comfortable in designer or budget fashion.

This guy is wearing footie pjyamas and a backpack from a Gene Therapy conference in Minnesota.

One of the many reasons I love Seattle is how we’ve raised don’t-give-a-crap to a sartorial art form.

This outfit is fifteen kinds of awesome, including the fact that his shirt says “all my black shirts were dirty”. LOVE.

It’s not bad enough that I found out that not so long ago, I dressed like Larry Brown in the 70’s. Now it seems the fictional Liz Lemon of 30 Rock wore a similar sweater as a D&D dungeon master nerd in college. Hers has a turtleneck. My husband’s comment?

maybe now you believe me about that sweater.

Screencap evidence of fashion crimes below the fold.


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