Welcome to theCultFigurine, a blog title with no particular significance. It is a Neutral Milk Hotel reference, with a minor tweak. In “Song Against Sex” there’s a lyric about “occult figurines” and I just kind of liked how that sounds.

There’s no particular theme to my blog, more of a hodge-podge of content themes. I publish cooking updates, hockey updates, book reviews, concert reviews, miscellaneous observations about other pop culture stuff, feminist gripes, internet adoration, the occasional yoga pose, and random crap that crosses my mind!


Credits and whatnot:

  • The image in the header is a composite panorama of photographs taken by my husband in his aunt’s backyard in Alabama.
  • My avatar, the muted posthorn, comes from Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49. Fun fact: it is the only image I’ve ever considered getting a tattoo of.

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