When the pre-mail came on April 28th, alerting us that a KEXP club Triple Door show invite would be sent on the 30th, I just instantly knew it would be for a Cloud Cult performance and I was right. Which pretty much made my week.

As always, it’s an amazing venue for intimate performances and such a treat to sneak off in the middle of the day for a private show. I think I have probably cried at every Cloud Cult show I’ve ever attended –  this time they opened with “Love You All” and yep, my face was drenched in seconds. Then it was 45 solid minutes of overwhelming awesome that got me hyped for the evening show. Except the evening show @ Neumos got sold out during the afternoon, leaving me sans ticket and exceedingly grateful that I got to see the Triple Door show. WTF is wrong with me, not ordering a ticket in advance? Cloud Cult always sells out in this town.