Somehow I missed the memo that Iron & Wine would be in town for 2 shows this week, and both were sold out. But I hauled my ass over to the Capitol Hill Sonic Boom Records plenty early and stood in line for the free in-store performance.

The store was absolutely packed and I’m not sure if everyone even got in. The show was solo acoustic; easygoing, friendly, causal. He hadn’t prepared a set list and after opening with the 8-minute gorgeousness that is “The Trapeze Singer”, every song was by request. Some songs he hadn’t played in a long time, he said, and every now and then a note went adorably awry. The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes, and made me wish I was able to attend the longer show later that night. Pix after the cut, as usual.

About to begin… tiny little stage in the corner!


Dang, the store is jammed behind me (taken after the show, that’s why most everyone is facing the door :-)