The new Crocodile Cafe is still finding its groove, or maybe the new patrons are still figuring the place out. For the second week in a row (Head Like a Kite 4/17, Throw Me the Statue 4/24) the crowd seemed to thin out a little before the final band took the stage. And it seems like some people are there because it’s a new place to go out in Belltown, as opposed to wanting to hear really good local music.

Really good local music like Throw Me The Statue! This is just some quality indie pop right here. Love it. It’d been a few months since we saw them (@ Neumos in December) and, like that show, they had a more raw sound than on their released material. This time I’d also say they weren’t all that tight, but they played with a lot of passion and we were into it.

Telekenesis opened, and they sounded pretty good. No pix; we were drinking and talking up in the balcony during their set. But I’m planning to check out some of their stuff once all my Sasquatch homework is done ;-)

There’s just something kind of Gap-cute about the TMTS bandleader, in no way can you tell from my poorly lit cameraphone shots, but he has a really enjoyable physical presence onstage and he should probably buy that shirt he was wearing in every color it comes in. It just fit him & the whole vibe very nicely.


Horn section! Dang but I enjoy the horn section. MOAR.


A real actual photographer posted photos from all four bands that night up on Flickr: