theCultFigure and a friend of ours threw a themed dinner party recently. It deserves way more of a post than this, but I can’t help quickly posting about my favorite and most insane thing we served.

One of the courses was stuffed duck breast, but one of our guests was a vegetarian. We were kind of at a loss to know what to do about it at first, and then hit upon the idea of shaping extra-firm tofu into a duck shape. We flirted briefly with the idea of actually carving an actual 3-D rubber ducky looking thing, but in the end concluded that a) that would be hard, and b) using a duck-shaped cookie cutter to make a duck-cylinder would be the better option. It allowed us to crisp both sides in a saute pan. We also easily carved out a hole  in the tofu duck and stuffed it with the same mixture that the regular duck breast got. We just had to hope it tasted as good as it looked, because it was damn cute and got a lot of laughs at the table.

Pictures of silliness after the jump…

Note the blue cookie cutter in the foreground…  $0.89 well spent.



The finished product on the plate – with a sugar eyeball decoration for extra cuteness and goofiness.