Head Like a Kite is one of our favorite local bands. I know, we have a lot of them. We’ll see another one this coming Friday, ha.

Anyway, HLAK really know how to put on a great show. Having great music is the most important part, of course, but they also have great showmanship and energy and a great supporting cast. Onstage, they had a few mannequin heads on poles to help set the atmosphere. Also a fog machine. As usual, members of Animals at Night joined them on stage occasionally, as did about 5 people in furry creature costumes. They also projected a new film behind them during the show, involving Barbie & Ken type dolls in –ahem– sexual situations. There was also a fire (in the film).

How many bands out there can do amazing covers of CSNY’s “Ohio” AND Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue”? I’m telling you, these guys are freaking awesome. Pix after the cut.

The second opening band (i forget their name) played total Douche Rock with extreme testosterone poisoning. Ewww. They also had a lot of douche rock fans with them who cleared out before HLAK, thankfully. Their guitarist was pretty cool though. He seemed to be camping it up.

hlak 011

HLAK setting up:

hlak 012

One of the mannequin heads:

hlak 015

Dancing plushies:

hlak 016

Animals at Night on backing vocals, I think for “Ohio”:

hlak 018