So it’s been over a week since this show and I regret to say I can’t remember much about the first band, Strength, other than basically enjoying their set.

Velella Velella was up next and I know I’ve heard their name before but had no preconceptions of what they were going to be like. Turned out to be delightfully fun; electronic funk. Sadly I’m going to be out of town when they play at the Tractor Tavern later this week.

U.S.E was, as always, incredible. It was a beautiful, sweaty, mosh-y mess up in front of the stage (we were a little bit back from that, thankfully). They sounded great – it’s been WAY too long since I saw them. I jumped and yelled and put my fists in the air. It’s just not possible to have a bad time at a U.S.E show! 

They played a good mix of songs – a few from the first album, recognizable unrecorded stuff that they’ve been playing for a couple of years, and new stuff I hadn’t heard before. They had a hand-burned & hand-decorated EP with them. A new album is coming out this spring I think, yay!

Photos after the jump…

The wrist stamp even said U.S.E :-)

USE 005

Velella Velella playing:

USE 013

U.S.E setting up:

USE 015

U.S.E playing:

USE 018  

Emerald City… WE LOVE IT!!