I know what you’re thinking First Twilight, now High School Musical? Somehow my friend and I talked ourselves into watching them. It didn’t take a lot of persuading.

Shut up. It was cute, OKAY. Cute and ridiculous and cheesy and full of appealing fresh-faced youngsters. There are group dance numbers that involve basketballs. Basketballs! There are colorful outfits and hats and hairstyles that inspire crazy glee/awe in me.

I actually kind of think Ashley Tisdale has legit star quality. Now that I know who she is. Worse, I am at risk for developing a mild Zac Efron problem. I’m sorry! I blame the baseball shirts! Or possibly his trim little hips [sorry, do your own google image search].

But then he had to go and ruin everything:

Zac Efron has pulled out of the lead role in a remake of Footloose planned at Paramount.


I NEED THAT REMAKE. Preferably with Kevin Bacon as the preacher father.