Saturday night we went to see United State of Electronica at the newly remodeled and reopened Crocodile Cafe, a review of which performance shall be forthcoming. This post is photos and a welcome back to club itself!

The box office and main entrance have been relocated to where the door to the back bar used to be. There’s a new sign above that door. Farther back, on the corner of the building you can see the old sign, wonderful as ever. What used to be the main entrance  there is now the exit from the club. The merch booth was close to that door.


I didn’t really get a good picture of the actual stage room itself. The bar is along the wall facing Blanchard Ave (i.e. between the two signs pictured above), and the stage is opposite it. They’ve saved the infamous post; it’s off to the left of the stage, performing a purely psychological and not physical function.

I guess it’s not as quirky, nor as much of a dive as the old Croc used to be. There’s no papier maiche cobras hanging from the ceiling, and the ceiling does not look like it’s about to collapse on you. I think this is OK, frankly. A sign over the door indicated capacity of 570. I am happy about this. Yay for small venues!

There’s now a tiny balcony perpendicular to the stage. The staircase walls are decorated with framed posters from past shows. Awesome. One of the pink ones is for a Lily Allen show that we remember not being able to go to (though not why), and we remember the feeling of disappointment in the face of dead certainty that she’d probably never again play somewhere so small. There’s more posters than these but this is all I managed to take a picture of.


The women’s bathroom! White tile! Clean! Nice!  \o/


It even has a bench! WHAT.