April 2009

Something always happens every summer and we never seem to be around town during the Capital Hill Block Party. I hope that isn’t the case this year, because I so wanna see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.



You know the internet, right, how one link leads to another, blah blah blah? Well one way or another I recently read about a new online journal –Transformative Works and Cultures — that I’m kind of excited about. Its focus is transformative works, primarily fan-created works that are based on existing works in popular culture. Sounds fancy! The journal’s goal of bridging academic and fandom communities in a free online journal is a laudable one. There is a non-peer-reviewed section that publishes essays from fans outside of the academy. Awesome.

A while back I posted a link to a video that set clips of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to a song from Requiem for a Dream, giving the clips entirely new meaning. Well, it seems this is an example of a longstanding tradition called “vidding” and like many fandom practices, it has its roots in the practices of female fans of Star Trek. I highly recommend reading the very interesting article:

Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding


The article presents some history and theory about vidding, and being an online publication, it takes excellent advantage of the medium and includes relevant multimedia content to illustrate relevant points. I spent a bunch of time reading the article and viewing the various clips. The most mesmerizing by far was a vid for a show and fandom I don’t know anything about – Battlestar Gallactica. I don’t know if my reaction would be different if I was actually familiar with the show, the characters, the context of the clips, but I can tell you I’ve watched it five times and it gave me 3 solid minutes of skin-crawling chills each time.

(please no clarifying discsussion or BSG spoilers – it’s been on my list of shows to check out for a while and I’m thinking this summer hiatus will be the time I get around to it)

I also recommend viewing the Star Trek vids and reading the discussion about them in the article:

The new Crocodile Cafe is still finding its groove, or maybe the new patrons are still figuring the place out. For the second week in a row (Head Like a Kite 4/17, Throw Me the Statue 4/24) the crowd seemed to thin out a little before the final band took the stage. And it seems like some people are there because it’s a new place to go out in Belltown, as opposed to wanting to hear really good local music.

Really good local music like Throw Me The Statue! This is just some quality indie pop right here. Love it. It’d been a few months since we saw them (@ Neumos in December) and, like that show, they had a more raw sound than on their released material. This time I’d also say they weren’t all that tight, but they played with a lot of passion and we were into it.

– (pictures, etc. this way!!)>

theCultFigure and a friend of ours threw a themed dinner party recently. It deserves way more of a post than this, but I can’t help quickly posting about my favorite and most insane thing we served.

One of the courses was stuffed duck breast, but one of our guests was a vegetarian. We were kind of at a loss to know what to do about it at first, and then hit upon the idea of shaping extra-firm tofu into a duck shape. We flirted briefly with the idea of actually carving an actual 3-D rubber ducky looking thing, but in the end concluded that a) that would be hard, and b) using a duck-shaped cookie cutter to make a duck-cylinder would be the better option. It allowed us to crisp both sides in a saute pan. We also easily carved out a hole  in the tofu duck and stuffed it with the same mixture that the regular duck breast got. We just had to hope it tasted as good as it looked, because it was damn cute and got a lot of laughs at the table.

Pictures of silliness after the jump…


Even our cat seems to agree. She spent a lot of time sniffing all over this magazine:

olive Zac

(posted in honor of his new movie opening today. No I don’t have plans to see it. Yet…)

Seen in the snack/gift shop of my hotel in Las Vegas: “Sin City Suckers” at a whopping $2.50 each:


I was going to be in Las Vegas anyway, so when I found out that The Hold Steady would be playing the night I arrived, I nearly broke my fingers getting to Ticketmaster as fast as I could :-)

Yep, I landed Monday around 8pm, got a taxi to my hotel, unpacked quickly, and headed straight on up to a cute little club called Beauty Bar. Someone was even getting a manicure in the front barroom when I arrived. I actually didn’t have much opportunity to check it out because the show was outside behind the building in a space that probably fit <500 people. It was a beautiful mild evening in the low 70’s, maybe upper 60’s. Wow.

I had gotten there pretty early so I was able to get right up front and center so I could jump around and wave arms with all the other crazies. I was never more than 3 people deep from the stage at any time, which was extra good because the stage was pretty low. Further back I wouldn’t have been able to see very well. I met a guy who flew in from Detroit for the show(!!) who said he’d seen them 16 or 17 times. In comparison, my 6 or so times doesn’t seem too stalkerish, now does it!

The show itself was fantastic as expected – a nice long set, too. Extended squee and flail and SETLIST and pix after the cut.


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