More specifically, I guess, this post is for pre-menopausal women with iPhones. Over the months, I’ve gotten a few apps for my iPhone that do various stuff and nonsense. I just have to recommend iPeriod as a great application for tracking basically everything to do with That Time of the Month. They just upgraded it (again) with improvements and new features, and it’s gotten so good I kind of can’t keep it to myself anymore.

Details! After the cut!

I can’t say that I’ve done an exhaustive competitive review of the surprisingly many applications competing to track your cycle in all its glory. I have only tried one other program, iMenses, and found it lacking compared to iPeriod, which:

  • Lists your cycle history in a nice summary (date your period began, how long it lasted, how many days between it and the prior cycle)
  • Uses that summary to predict your next period (and the next 12, TYVM) – handy for when thinking about trips, etc.
    • Now you can tweak how it predicts by excluding cycles longer than any length you choose. I assume they put that in there for preventing pregnancy from screwing it up. But last year I had two randomly missed cycles that were throwing off its prediction power – now I have excluded cycles >60 days and yeah! That’s making me happy!
  • Has a very touch-friendly calendar interface that:
    • Visualizes your predicted fertile/ovulation dates, and actual and predicted cycle dates
    • Lets you pretty easily enter all kinds of relevant data and symptoms, and visualizes that stuff on the calendar with symbols & icons & colors
    • Has freeform notes
  • Now lets you define up to four of your own symbols!!! So if you have a certain symptom frequently, and get tired of typing the same text into the freeform notes all the time, now you can customize your own symbol for easy data entry
  • Exports all your data into an email for backup or sending to your doctor

There’s other stuff they tout as features that I don’t care about, like password protection and the fact that it calls itself “iP” on the home screen to be more “discreet”. Like I care if someone knows I have period-tracking software on my phone? It should not come as a surprise to anyone that I menstruate, given my gender and age and lack of current pregnancy.

Still, I kind of adore it. WAY worth the couple of dollars I spent on it.