I dunno, usually Prince vs. Michael night is a draw – or close to it. Yet, something about last Friday’s edition just seemed to go in favor of Michael. The DJs played longer blocks this time, which I think went on slightly too long. There was a Prince impersonator, which would have been good for ~2 songs, but he stayed out for maybe 4 songs, and he finished his “set” with “Purple Rain”. A great song to be sure, but kind of a mid-evening momentum killer as far as dancing goes.

I was happy that we got another friend to come out with us this time. His perspective was particularly illuminating as we came to such conclusions as:

  • Michael is better when choreographed; Prince excels at improvising
  • corollary to the above: Michael’s videos are mesmerizing, Prince’s concert footage is mesmerizing
  • Janet is SRSLY HOT in Michael’s video for “Scream” – and she’s clearly hotter and tougher than he is

I hope Nectar’s planning a 2-month maximum between PvM nights, because that is seriously the happiest night of… ever. We might have to throw our own PvM house party between Nectar events, because WE NEEDS IT.