I joke. Sort of. I mean, I’m not selling mine. Yet.

One of the local coffee shops sells candy, including lollipops. I bought a cherry flavored one (they also had strawberry, apple, and lemon I think); it cost 69¢. On the whole, I’d say my lollipops compare favorably to this one.

Their packaging definitely says “hard candy manufacturer”. 


I don’t have a photo of how I’m packaging mine, but they’re in clear, rectangular cellophane bags that I twist around the stick and put a foil twisty-tie on. Right now I’m handwriting the flavor name on a circular printer label and sticking it on the back. In the future, I’d be printing those on a printer instead.

The shape of their lollipop really puzzled me a lot. It is so long that it poked me in the back of the throat. Which was. You know. Not comfortable.


Mine, as shown through countless prior posts, are usually round. No one has ever complained of physical discomfort yet.

The side view shows that the thickness isn’t uniform. I don’t know if this is by design, but I think it looks sloppy.


Their lollipops are more “biteable”. Mine are soft and flexible and don’t shatter nicely when you bite them. This one cleaves perfectly. Some people (in particular, theCultFigure) like the “biteable” and some seem to like the flexible ones. There has got to be some kind additive that I don’t know about that makes this possible. It must do something to affect the crystal formation and structure. And I’m guessing it is related to the fact that this lollipop is also cloudier than mine. Which I find less attractive than my clear ones.