It’s Webbie’s fault, really.

(cut for excessive rambling about The Hold Steady)

She emailed to let me know that The Hold Steady would be opening for Dave Matthews Band later this year and to generally say WTF.

Which, as I told her, I’m super happy for them to be as hugely successful as they deserve but I’m sad if it means they won’t play small venues. When I saw them with DBT in November it was borderline too large a venue for me. I mean, and that place “only” holds 1500. Imagining what size venue Dave Matthews plays in makes my head hurt.

Ninety minutes of web browsing and some 20 emails back and forth later, I had discovered that The Hold Steady will playing be in Las Vegas next month on the evening – April 13 – that I arrive there for a trip!

So not only is this an amazing stroke of luck in the timing department, it looks like a small and super cute club and the tickets were only TEN DOLLARS. Well, $17 when the bastards at Ticketmaster got through with all their baloney.

The signs are there. Someday soon The Hold Steady are going to hit the big time. You know I’m going to be one of those irritating people who brags about seeing them open for U.S.E. at the Crocodile Cafe in 2005 blah blah. I hope this’ll be a brag-worthy show too.

In conclusion, the sing-along songs will be our scriptures.

Stay Positive – The Hold Steady