My latest obsessions:

RuralAlbertaAdvantage Hometowns by The Rural Alberta Advantage. Kate mentioned them to me recently and I’d never heard of them before. Emusic likened them to Neutral Milk Hotel, a comparison I always view with skepticism, having been burned by The Decemeberists. In any event, I have been playing this album like crazy. It’s solid, sometimes hard-driving indie rock, and yeah, the lead singer does kind of wail a bit nasally and off-key in a way that I enjoy. Plus I have a crush on Canada, so it tickles me to hear references to the prairies, and Edmonton, and whatnot.

Dear Science by TV on the Radio. Kind of a indie rock and hip hop fusion sound maybe? I just know that I really like this album and I am SO EXCITED to see these guys at Sasquatch. “Family Tree” and “Shout Me Out” are really rocking my world.

Dreamscape by Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. Got it at their show last month and I can still picture them jumping around in their spandex spiderman suits. Yeah!

Those three have kept me pretty darn busy, but in medium rotation we have:

Etiquette by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. The blurb at emusic said “His lyrics are a coy-edged blend of Stephin Merritt’s sarcasm and the Mountain Goats’ earnestness” which pretty much earned them an instant spot on the must-investigate list. Plus, what an awesome band name. I’ve only listened to it a few times so far but I like it.

Solar and Adicion by Moenia. A while ago in our neighborhood Mexican restaurant, they were playing some Mexican techno-pop and I dug it. I asked what it was, and it was Moenia. I like Adicion better than Solar, but both are very enjoyable.

Receivers by Parts and Labor. I’m still getting into it but as with Casiotone, I like it so far.

Years of Refusal by Morrissey. It strikes me as having that wonderfully canonical classic Morrissey sound. I need to spend more time with this one, definitely.

The Ghost of Tom Joad by Bruce Springsteen. I’m kind of getting into The Boss lately. What?