A friend wanted to try something interesting – swirling color into the lollipops. Originally his thought was to use cream, but I worried that it would curdle when it hit 200+ degree syrup. So we decided to first try using a drop of food coloring and a toothpick to swirl it in. You can see one of the trays below:

The food coloring is sort of a gel, thick and liquid at room temperature. And it did indeed sizzle and deform when it hit the surface of the lollipop. Even so, the syrup cools pretty rapidly so we had a sort of assembly line action going. There is enough room in the trough for the stick to pull it out of the round indentation, so that’s how we started. I poured the syrup into the molds, then he had to drip the color and swirl quickly, and then I pushed the sticks up into the syrup before it got too cool for them to go in.

It was tricky but we managed, and I think it looks fairly cool. The one issue is that the gel didn’t seem to get fully dry, staying just slightly tacky to the touch. I don’t think I will make a regular habit of this, and definitely I’d need a partner to do it with me.