March 2009

Two albums dominated the month of March for me. Both of them mention ”pain”. I approve of this.


Etiquette by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Fantastic – it’s practically a whole album of lo-fi synthesizers and wry moaning about being miserable. I mean that as a compliment, as I’m a huge fan of both moaning and misery. Predictably, the part of me that likes The Magnetic Fields and The Mountain Goats likes Casiotone. I’m already hoping to download more in our next eMusic batch.


pains The Pains of Being Pure at Heart by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. My husband downloaded it based on a glowing recommendation from Pitchfork Magazine. The part of me that likes cute indie pop like The Math and Physics Club likes this album. And to continue the theme, I’d have to say they’re just a little more miserable than The Math and Physics Club. And, with lyrics like “You’re my sister / and this love is f*cking right!” I think incest is officially the new dirty-bad-wrong-sexy-hot fetish.



These look a lot like mine. And they seem to be developing their own natural flavors. Hmm.

Honestly, I don’t know that I can slice up my internet time any further. There is just so much to read and watch already. But then I run across something like the TWoP slideshow of “celebrity twitters you must follow” and I have to say! It holds some appeal! Even if some are ghost-written!

I feel like I don’t need any more avenues for keeping up with my friends ( though I could be wrong), but actors and musicians and athletes? And whatever? Hmm!

Odds are, I’ll have thrown in the towel and signed up within a week.

More specifically, I guess, this post is for pre-menopausal women with iPhones. Over the months, I’ve gotten a few apps for my iPhone that do various stuff and nonsense. I just have to recommend iPeriod as a great application for tracking basically everything to do with That Time of the Month. They just upgraded it (again) with improvements and new features, and it’s gotten so good I kind of can’t keep it to myself anymore.

Details! After the cut!


While searching the Internet for the user guide to my pedometer whose craptacular interface could be the subject of an expletive-laden post unto itself, I had the great fortune to view a web page that told me (click to enlarge)



I dunno, usually Prince vs. Michael night is a draw – or close to it. Yet, something about last Friday’s edition just seemed to go in favor of Michael. The DJs played longer blocks this time, which I think went on slightly too long. There was a Prince impersonator, which would have been good for ~2 songs, but he stayed out for maybe 4 songs, and he finished his “set” with “Purple Rain”. A great song to be sure, but kind of a mid-evening momentum killer as far as dancing goes.

I was happy that we got another friend to come out with us this time. His perspective was particularly illuminating as we came to such conclusions as:

  • Michael is better when choreographed; Prince excels at improvising
  • corollary to the above: Michael’s videos are mesmerizing, Prince’s concert footage is mesmerizing
  • Janet is SRSLY HOT in Michael’s video for “Scream” – and she’s clearly hotter and tougher than he is

I hope Nectar’s planning a 2-month maximum between PvM nights, because that is seriously the happiest night of… ever. We might have to throw our own PvM house party between Nectar events, because WE NEEDS IT.

I joke. Sort of. I mean, I’m not selling mine. Yet.

One of the local coffee shops sells candy, including lollipops. I bought a cherry flavored one (they also had strawberry, apple, and lemon I think); it cost 69ยข. On the whole, I’d say my lollipops compare favorably to this one.


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