Sorry guys, I’m still a wee bit obsessed with F*ck My Life. Another way that the site’s readers can participate in the experience is by voting on whether a submitted story should be published for voting on the main homepage! I just LOVE the fact that the site owners are encouraging the community to volunteer to do useful work for the site, wow!

It also partially explains why I found the stories to have a uniform voice that was relatively free of abbreviations and incorrect spellings:

How to moderate?

– Refuse a FML if a similar one already exists on the site.
– Refuse a FML if it’s written in TXT language or if there are too many spelling mistakes.
– Use the “report an abuse” link to alert us when non FML stories are submitted (advertisements, conversations between members and everything else which is not intended to be a FML).
– Have fun moderating and choose the stories you like. A good FML should be authentic, well written and make you laugh without being too shocking.