Once again, NecTar Lounge proves to be made of awesome. I was browsing their calendar and felt compelled to click “Gil Mantera’s Party Dream” just for the name. Luckily, it was one of the events for which they have an event page. Not every show has a details page, don’t know why that is.

Clearly, the copy was written by someone with the band (maybe the band members themselves) but whatever, it was cute and talked up their “phenomenal live show” so I clicked through to their MySpace page, checked them out at last.fm, etc., and between the writeups and song samples I promoted them to must-see.

Within 2 minutes of them taking the stage, we knew it was going to be fantastic and it was. Just great, danceable, electronic, happy stuff. There couldn’t have been even 50 people there, but everyone was pretty into it. My friend and I stayed up in the balcony and danced like maniacs. I am ready to kidnap them and force them to do shows in Seattle every week. Just kidding, FBI! Ha ha. Yeeeeah.

Pix after the cut!

The view from the balcony:

The band members were dressed in spider-man spandex bodysuits – one red, one blue, one white. Here they are selling merch from the stage after the show. I enjoyed it so much I needed to give them money, so I bought their CD. It’s great, though not as mind-shatteringly awesome as the live show, but few studio recordings ever are.