rcrg.jpgThis season, Rat City Roller Girls play at Key Arena, which is presumably desperate for events now with both the Sonics and Thunderbirds gone. Which, hey, good for RCRG! Magnuson Parks’ Hangar 27 was pretty tiny and crowded and the demand for itckets was a lot higher than they could accomodate.

A change to the format this year: instead of playing the halves of the two bouts in alternating order, (i.e. Game 1 half 1, Game 2 Half 1, Game 1 Half 2, Game 2 Half 2) they played each entire game all the way through. Enh, I prefer it the other way I think, but will reserve judgement for a bit. Both games came down to the last couple of minutes and had close finishes, which was pretty exciting. Sockit Wenches and DLF won their games, and face off next month. Woo!

Sadly, two of our DLF favorites were MIA. My favorite isn’t listed on the roster for this year :-( and theCultFigure’s favorite is listed but didn’t play this time.

As for Key Arena. Well. The view was good – I bet no matter where you were sitting, you could see everything very well. Definitely it was great to see a big and enthusiastic turnout for the bout. But the whole thing kind of lost some of its ‘”underground” and “counterculture” feel. I hate to be a contrarian, because I want roller derby to be a success, so I’m trying to ignore/accept it. I guess it’s an interesting inflection point in the growth of Seattle derby. Pix after the cut.

During the first bout, SW vs GD:

End of the second bout, DLF vs TR: