Saturday we finally got down to Kent to see the Thunderbirds play in their new arena. It was such an improvement on the Key Arena setup for hockey: the arena was actually tailored to the dimensions of the rink, it was an appropriate size (~6500 seats) for junior hockey so the place didn’t seem deserted, etc. Unfortunately, the concession stands don’t bold a candle to those in Kamloops! I mean, in Kamloops they had samosas! Someday Kent may be as cosmopolitan as Kamloops, I guess, but it will take time ;-)

There was a good sized and very enthusiastic crowd and an exciting and well-played game. Despite being outplayed except at goalie, the Thunderbirds won in overtime. I really enjoy Kelowna. They’ve got the Bloodoff brothers, which: awesome. They’ve got cool uniforms. Their team name =/= their mascot. They’ve got a 6’7″ monster defenseman. And this game I learned they’ve got a goalie who puts on a stretching clinic at nearly every substantial stoppage of play.

We sat in one of the end zones. Photo of the ice after the jump.