February 2009

I don’t actually have a *lot* to say, and none of it has any value, but it’s spoilery for the finale that aired this week, so, my blahblah behind the cut.



On a whim I bought a steak spice rub that’s made & marketed by a well-known local chef. We had it on flank steak and it was pretty good. I think the one I make from Cooks Illustrated is actually better, but that’s ok.

This week’s lollipop flavors are maple-walnut, and key lime with coconut. But the breakthrough achievement is actually in the syrup. When you make syrup with just sugar & water, stirring it after it boils causes huge sugar crystals to form that leave the lollipops all rough. I read that adding 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar and 1/4 cup of corn syrup would prevent the sugar crystals, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Although I have always used less corn syrup than that. I wondered if both ingredients were really needed for preventing crystals, so I decided to leave out the corn syrup. I’m quite pleased to report that the cream of tartar alone seems to do the trick!

Sorry guys, I’m still a wee bit obsessed with F*ck My Life. Another way that the site’s readers can participate in the experience is by voting on whether a submitted story should be published for voting on the main homepage! I just LOVE the fact that the site owners are encouraging the community to volunteer to do useful work for the site, wow!

It also partially explains why I found the stories to have a uniform voice that was relatively free of abbreviations and incorrect spellings:

How to moderate?

– Refuse a FML if a similar one already exists on the site.
– Refuse a FML if it’s written in TXT language or if there are too many spelling mistakes.
– Use the “report an abuse” link to alert us when non FML stories are submitted (advertisements, conversations between members and everything else which is not intended to be a FML).
– Have fun moderating and choose the stories you like. A good FML should be authentic, well written and make you laugh without being too shocking.


text_blog_by___yourbestbet__ I have a feeling I’m way late to this party, but whatever. I recently discovered the website fmylife.com (F*ck My Life), where the premise seems to be that people pseudonymously confess a short tale illustrating something lousy that happened to them. These submissions all take a common format:

Today, <story>. FML.

These are suspiciously well formed, well typed, correctly spelled, and free of Internet abbreviations, leading me to wonder whether they are completely made up, or just edited to have a more or less standard voice. Some of them also defy belief.

Regardless, the interesting thing is that under each tale of woe is a mechanism for the reader to vote on the wretchedness of the author. To express sympathy, click “I agree, your life is f*cked”. Otherwise, click “you deserved that one”. You can see the current vote totals even if you don’t vote. It’s an interesting snapshot insight into the mindset of the site’s readership.

I am seriously fascinated with this and have put a lot of grouped examples after the cut… warning, as you would expect for such a site, many of the submitted stories are sexual in nature…


You’ll need them after reading the Sasquatch 2009 lineup:


Once again, NecTar Lounge proves to be made of awesome. I was browsing their calendar and felt compelled to click “Gil Mantera’s Party Dream” just for the name. Luckily, it was one of the events for which they have an event page. Not every show has a details page, don’t know why that is.

Clearly, the copy was written by someone with the band (maybe the band members themselves) but whatever, it was cute and talked up their “phenomenal live show” so I clicked through to their MySpace page, checked them out at last.fm, etc., and between the writeups and song samples I promoted them to must-see.

Within 2 minutes of them taking the stage, we knew it was going to be fantastic and it was. Just great, danceable, electronic, happy stuff. There couldn’t have been even 50 people there, but everyone was pretty into it. My friend and I stayed up in the balcony and danced like maniacs. I am ready to kidnap them and force them to do shows in Seattle every week. Just kidding, FBI! Ha ha. Yeeeeah.

Pix after the cut!


I actually can’t talk about the fowl-off, it’s like Fight Club for poultry. But I can say I made chocolate cupcakes from scratch for the first time and they were just delicious.

I filled the papers pretty carelessly, so you can see they are uneven and a little misshapen. Oh well.


The butter cream frosting was a less successful maiden voyage. I think my egg-sugar mixture was too warm when I started adding the butter, and I used the wrong attachment on my standing mixer. It was very soupy.

Man. Look at all the butter that goes into a batch of frosting. I think it makes way too much for 18 cupcakes though.


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