On Saturday, The Walkmen played a KEXP club concert at the Triple Door. I knew I’d heard a few of their songs and wasn’t sure how much I liked them. That’s why these shows are so genius. You go, you hear a 30-45 minute set in a comfortable setting in the afternoon, and whatever! Maybe you find out you really like a band, but if not, hey, it was a short show. It was at the Triple Door that I decided I liked Okkervil River more than I realized; The Wedding Present, enh, not so much.

Well, I definitely liked The Walkmen. Probably if I had listened attentively to their album first, I might have thought they were just OK. But they really sold me with their live show. They had a horn section (2 trumpets, 2 trombones) for some of the songs, and as I mentioned after seeing Throw Me The Statue, more bands need horn sections.

It also didn’t hurt that the lead singer was kind of hot. Really tall and lean, dressed in black jeans, black shirt, and black leather jacket… And the way he arched his whole body into singing and wailing was dead sexy.

Setlist after the jump for those who care.

This is a screenshot of the online playlist, so it’s in reverse chronological order. I started getting really into it during “In The New Year”. Also remember liking “Red Moon” a lot. I’ll be listening to their album You & Me this week for sure.