Back in September, my friend and I went to the Prince vs. Michael DJ theme night at NecTar lounge and had a blast. Thankfully this seems to be a regular event, and on Friday we were able to go again. It’s delightfully impossible to pick a winner. On the one hand there is Michael and his dancing. And it’s like, but how can someone so awesome be such a goddamned freak? On the other hand there is Prince, and every look he gives the camera is full of such dirty, filthy promise you almost have to blush.

Being a weekend, it was a bit more crowded than the first time. And there were many more attractive women than previously. Lots of cuties and hotties. We danced until our feet ached, and kept on dancing. There’s just something wonderful about being in a room where everyone is happy and having a great time. I can’t wait for the next one!!

Picture of super-awesome flyer after the jump…