I feel like my kitchen updates have devolved into a series of sugar-whore posts. It’s been a lot about ice cream and cookies and lollipops lately. Oh well.

Latest explorations in the lollipop field:

Coconut creme brule – I accidentally overcooked the syrup which resulted in slightly burned-tasting caramelization. I was on the phone at the time (perhaps part of the reason I burned the syrup?) and my friend suggested I use my coconut flavoring. I think they did still taste a little bit burned, but the combination was very good and two or three people raved that this was their favorite flavor yet. I think if I can burn but not overburn the syrup, this is a real winner. It’s rich and complex.

Guava – basically Ok-tasting, nothing hugely special. Other fruit flavors have been more impressive, including mango, pomegranate, and apple.

Pistachio-Marshmallow – the same friend who suggested salvaging my burned syrup with coconut flavor wanted me to try this hybrid. It’s my first batch using two different flavors and it came out very well indeed. Despite being sweet, it’s got richness like the coconut creme-brule, and is almost savory in its complexity.

And, if you look closely at the lollipops, you might notice… a little sparkle on them? Photo after the jump.