I’m going to try to make a post at least once a month about whatever music I’m currently obsessed with. Right now there are two albums I’m going nuts for:

The ’59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem — I imagine some would find it a little too much borrowing from the Boss but I am more than OK wtih it. The vibe is very American, very heartland, in the best possible sense. I can picture myself jumping with my fist in the air to these songs. So that’s a win.

Ladyhawke by Ladyhawke — This yummy synth-disco-pop album is infecting my entire brain. Even the songs that aren’t my favorites get stuck in my head and make me happy. I can’t imagine some of these tracks not becoming hugely popular especially in dance clubs, but what the hell do I know. I don’t actually go to dance clubs.

Finally, I’m on the verge of getting into The Shout Out Louds. I recently heard & loved the song “Tonight I Have to Leave It” and am hoping to pick up more of their stuff soon. Yes, they sound like a Cure tribute band. I guess the lesson learned today is that I’m in the tank for bands that sound like other, more famous bands?