January 2009

On Saturday, The Walkmen played a KEXP club concert at the Triple Door. I knew I’d heard a few of their songs and wasn’t sure how much I liked them. That’s why these shows are so genius. You go, you hear a 30-45 minute set in a comfortable setting in the afternoon, and whatever! Maybe you find out you really like a band, but if not, hey, it was a short show. It was at the Triple Door that I decided I liked Okkervil River more than I realized; The Wedding Present, enh, not so much.

Well, I definitely liked The Walkmen. Probably if I had listened attentively to their album first, I might have thought they were just OK. But they really sold me with their live show. They had a horn section (2 trumpets, 2 trombones) for some of the songs, and as I mentioned after seeing Throw Me The Statue, more bands need horn sections.

It also didn’t hurt that the lead singer was kind of hot. Really tall and lean, dressed in black jeans, black shirt, and black leather jacket… And the way he arched his whole body into singing and wailing was dead sexy.

Setlist after the jump for those who care.



Back in September, my friend and I went to the Prince vs. Michael DJ theme night at NecTar lounge and had a blast. Thankfully this seems to be a regular event, and on Friday we were able to go again. It’s delightfully impossible to pick a winner. On the one hand there is Michael and his dancing. And it’s like, but how can someone so awesome be such a goddamned freak? On the other hand there is Prince, and every look he gives the camera is full of such dirty, filthy promise you almost have to blush.

Being a weekend, it was a bit more crowded than the first time. And there were many more attractive women than previously. Lots of cuties and hotties. We danced until our feet ached, and kept on dancing. There’s just something wonderful about being in a room where everyone is happy and having a great time. I can’t wait for the next one!!

Picture of super-awesome flyer after the jump…


I feel like my kitchen updates have devolved into a series of sugar-whore posts. It’s been a lot about ice cream and cookies and lollipops lately. Oh well.

Latest explorations in the lollipop field:

Coconut creme brule – I accidentally overcooked the syrup which resulted in slightly burned-tasting caramelization. I was on the phone at the time (perhaps part of the reason I burned the syrup?) and my friend suggested I use my coconut flavoring. I think they did still taste a little bit burned, but the combination was very good and two or three people raved that this was their favorite flavor yet. I think if I can burn but not overburn the syrup, this is a real winner. It’s rich and complex.

Guava – basically Ok-tasting, nothing hugely special. Other fruit flavors have been more impressive, including mango, pomegranate, and apple.

Pistachio-Marshmallow – the same friend who suggested salvaging my burned syrup with coconut flavor wanted me to try this hybrid. It’s my first batch using two different flavors and it came out very well indeed. Despite being sweet, it’s got richness like the coconut creme-brule, and is almost savory in its complexity.

And, if you look closely at the lollipops, you might notice… a little sparkle on them? Photo after the jump.


Happy (belated) Roe v. Wade day! For the second year in a row I attended NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s delicious “Chocolate for Choice” event @ Safeco Field’s 1st base Terrace Club. It’s kind of a madhouse, in a good way. Local restaurant pastry chefs and chocolatiers make stuff, and depending on your donation level, you get a small or large box to stuff samples into. As you can see, um, I kind of got the large box… I mean, it *is* for a good cause!

Cupcake Royale had some cute stickers too:

In the last.fm website’s list of top artists listened to by that site’s members, they present the information in this attractive graph:


At first, I wondered, how could the # of listeners be greater than the # of tracks played (that’s what it looks like is happening for Coldplay, the first artist in the list). Then I realized that the dark blue bars and the light blue bars are using DIFFERENT SCALES OF MEASUREMENT. Like, by an order of magnitude. The # of listeners is around 10^5, and # of tracks played is around 10^6.

For f*ck’s sake, people.

The wonderful Indian restaurant in walking distance from our house appears to have closed its doors. I loved their Chana masala to a truly ridiculous degree. We used to have a semi-regular thursday tradition of getting takeout with friends and watching The Office and 30 Rock together. We’re going to need to make some modifications to that :-(

Yeah, I’ve been putting off admitting anything more about reading or seeing Twilight. I think it’s best to combine it all in one post and get it over with.

I agree with what the lead actor said in the interview that prompted this whole adventure for me. He says the books make you feel “uncomfortable” and “shouldn’t have been published” (!!!). HAH. But I seriously can’t discuss this anymore in public, I have to put it behind a cut.


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