November 2008

This worries me:

[T]he premiere [of Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse] has been moved to Friday, February 13

This is partially how FOX mangled Whedon’s Firefly a few years back, with the deadly Friday timeslot. Let’s just hope they show the episodes in the intended order, rather than some random order that makes no sense.


After slacking off dreadfully in the kitchen for a while, I actually have something new to write up. Neither dish uses a new ingredient or anything, but these are things I haven’t made before, so…

Flipping through one of my Cooks Illustrated books, I came across Arugula salad with sausage and white beans which sounded interesting. Cannellini beans were sauteed in mustard vinaigrette with onion and roasted red peppers (and olives, but I omitted those because — um, YUK). So this warm goop went on the greens and then was topped with thinly sliced cooked chicken sausage. It all tasted pretty good but I think I’m not all that into putting warm goop on greens. I think I’d prefer to have the sausage/beans with a side of green beans or something.

I think sauteed pork tenderloin medallions with vinegar, spices, and raisins was even better. There weren’t any unusual ingredients, the dish was pretty much what it said it was going to be. After sautéing the medallions, you saute some sliced onions with spices in the same pan, then add sherry and vinegar, reduce, add chicken stock and raisins, reduce, add back the pork and simmer a few minutes. Delicious and easy!!

Bonus Polish comfort food: This week I also made 19 dozen sauerkraut pierogies and 50 (ok, 49) golubki for the freezer *fistpump*

Pix of golubki after the cut :-)


The other day I was enjoying a quality bagel at a local bagel shop, and flipping idly through some kind of free Northwest winter sports booster publication, which contained a Q&A article. One of the questions was answered in such a way as to call in question the author’s and editor’s understanding of the word “why”.

In case you can’t read the text (iPhone camera isn’t great at close range) I’ll transcribe below the picture.


Q: Why do some airlines refused to insure checked skis?

A: Some airlines insure skis only if packed in a hard rigid case. If skis are in soft cases, some airlines may accept them conditionally but refuse to insure them. 

Last night, my neighbors set off some of the fireworks from their July 4th stash. I guess getting busted before using them all up had a benefit :-)

Hey kids! Did you know there’s, like, an election today in the U.S.? Me neither!

Thinking about Drew and Natalie and their baby yesterday reminded me of their Married to the Sea comic, “I hate voting“. How apropos!

You can even get it on a t-shirt, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate, because having a premature baby is financially challenging when you and your spouse are independent artists, and probably not flush with heaps of fancy pants health insurance.

For no real reason I’ve not been feeling all that bloggy lately – everything’s fine, just haven’t had much to report *shrug*

I don’t know why I feel like posting that one of my internet heroes, Natalie Dee, had a baby, and that it was a horrific experience, but I just do. Don’t click that link unless you want to read about her horrible awful complicated pregnancy & birth story or if you object to the f-word, but I doubt that describes anyone reading this. The story ends well though (spoiler!).

I guess I DO know why I wanted to post this. I wish her & Drew all the best with their daughter. They’ve both brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years with their cartoons. Like a monster lot of enjoyment. And t-shirts. So, yeah. Congratulations and best wishes to them. And I’m glad Natalie is OK. Even though I’ve never met her. Because the internet is just like that.

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