Sunday was the final day of action, with the 3rd place and championship bouts.

3rd place: Philly vs Texas
This was a very exciting and hard-fought bout, with Philly up by I think as much as 30 at one point in the second half. Then a really great blocker for Philly got ejected, and the Texecutioners chipped away and chipped away at the lead until the score was tied with just a few minites left! Unfortunately, the second-to-last jam was a chaotic mess of penalties that saw just about all the Texas players sent off, so the refs pretty much decided the bout :-( I was glad Philly won, cuz hey, if I’m not able to root for Rat City, I’m rooting for my town of origin, but it was sad how much the outcome was marred by penalties.

In other news, my Philly derby girlfriend is Robin Drugstores (the one who got ejected). Fantastic blocker. I loved all the awesome ways she ushered her jammers through the pack. And generally directed strategy out there.

Championship: Gotham City vs Windy City
Wow is Gotham good. WOW. Windy City really hung in but Gotham really had this pretty well in hand most of the time. They had 3 amazing jammers, I think two of them had over 150 points for the weekend. They were so methodical out there, so skilled, and so disciplined. Just a pleasure to watch.

theCultFigure decided Gotham’s jammer Suzy Hotrod is his Gotham derby girlfriend. Mine is blocker Beonslay. I guess I have a preference for defense and he has a preference for offence?

Crappy photo! This event was not just the tournament, it was also like a derby marketplace with several vendors. Including, for example, a socks specialist: Sock It To Me!