Tired! I think watching four bouts in a day is the limit!

#3 Rat City vs #2 Windy City
Sadly, we lost pretty badly. Tremendous amount of penalties in this bout; seemed mostly to go against Rat City :-( Injury to defensive monster D-Bomb and ejection of her sister Femme Fatale didn’t help…

#3 Philly Liberty Belles vs #2 Bay Area Derby Girls
Bay area came on very strong in the final jam and made up about 20 points, but Philly squeaked out a few points too, enough to preserve the win and advance to round 2.

Round 2
Windy City upset the Texecutioners in a nailbiter whose outcome was strongly affected by penalties.

Gotham City pounded the crap out of Philly.

Crappy pictures! One of Rat City being introduced before their bout. One of Philly and Bay Area lining up before a jam begins.