Two matches tonight, between the 1 and 4 seeds from East and West. The opening ceremony used some exciting syncopated drumming, I really felt pumped up and ready to go to war!

#1 Texas vs #4 Carolina
Texas got off to a strong start but Carolina was able to keep things close occasionally, so the bout stayed exciting through the middle stages. Strong jams from the Texecutioners’ Rice Rocket (she had at least 40 points in the second half) put the bout out of reach, however, and Texas won by something like 125 to 61.

#1 Gotham City vs #4 Duke City
This was so lopsided it wasn’t funny. Duke City was down 98-8 at halftime and we decided to bail on the second half. Presumably Gotham advanced to the next round.

And now for crappy pictures! One is of the drum corps and one is of some of the participating teams during opening ceremonies. The teams lined up around the edge of the track.