nwklogo This weekend, theCultFigure and I are road-tripping to Portland for Northwest Knockdown, a.k.a. flat-track roller derby national championships, where we’ll cheer on the Rat City all-stars hopefully to total domination!

In fact, we’ll probably be in the car when this post publishes. I may try to live blog it a little from my phone. I doubt I’ll get good pictures from the phone though. We’ll see how it goes.

According to the schedule, Rat City’s first bout is Saturday afternoon. I’m excited to see all the top teams from around the country. Hopefully lots of Rat City fans will make the trip and there’ll be lots of noise for our girls!!

Pix from Rat City’s final bout of their league season, after the cut.

My derby girlfriend, D-Bomb, getting ready to pound her way through the pack like the one-woman wrecking crew that she is.


theCultFigure’s derby girlfriend, Burnett Down, flashing her ruffled panties as she plots the destruction of those unfortunate enough to be in her way.