ACT The final show of ACT’s 2008 season was a comedy that the theater commissioned from a local playwright. Becky’s New Car tells the story of a middle-aged housewife who works in a car dealership. One night when she’s working late, an anxious and wealthy widower comes in and proceeds to buy nine cars from her because he doesn’t know what to get as gifts for his employees. She accidentally implies that she’s a widow, and he instantly bonds with her. His exuberance and continued misinterpretations prevent her from correcting him…

It was a great show to end the season on – very funny, with cute staging in the round and solid performances from a very strong cast. R. Hamilton Wright, whom we’ve seen in many ACT productions, stole the show with a fantastically funny diatribe about hiking with a dog. In the second act, he announced “Blackmail is FUN!” I guess you had to be there.

My only complaint is very minor – once in a while the play breaks the 4th wall and the actors interact with audience members. Once in a while that technique works for me, but usually it just seems like a cheap and cheesy way to get a quick laugh.

I’m already excited for the 2009 season, which will open with Tom Stoppard’s Rock and Roll, which we saw in London a couple of years ago.