After slacking off dreadfully in the kitchen for a while, I actually have something new to write up. Neither dish uses a new ingredient or anything, but these are things I haven’t made before, so…

Flipping through one of my Cooks Illustrated books, I came across Arugula salad with sausage and white beans which sounded interesting. Cannellini beans were sauteed in mustard vinaigrette with onion and roasted red peppers (and olives, but I omitted those because — um, YUK). So this warm goop went on the greens and then was topped with thinly sliced cooked chicken sausage. It all tasted pretty good but I think I’m not all that into putting warm goop on greens. I think I’d prefer to have the sausage/beans with a side of green beans or something.

I think sauteed pork tenderloin medallions with vinegar, spices, and raisins was even better. There weren’t any unusual ingredients, the dish was pretty much what it said it was going to be. After sautéing the medallions, you saute some sliced onions with spices in the same pan, then add sherry and vinegar, reduce, add chicken stock and raisins, reduce, add back the pork and simmer a few minutes. Delicious and easy!!

Bonus Polish comfort food: This week I also made 19 dozen sauerkraut pierogies and 50 (ok, 49) golubki for the freezer *fistpump*

Pix of golubki after the cut :-)

Here’s a big bowl of  5 lbs ground pork + 2 lbs onion + 2 cups rice + 5 eggs + S&P + dill. Behind the bowl, you can see several cabbage leaves cooling on a tray… I had to boil 3 heads of cabbage to have enough leaves for all those pork meatballs!


I needed three roasting pans to accommodate all the golubki before I was done! Here’s one of them: