For no real reason I’ve not been feeling all that bloggy lately – everything’s fine, just haven’t had much to report *shrug*

I don’t know why I feel like posting that one of my internet heroes, Natalie Dee, had a baby, and that it was a horrific experience, but I just do. Don’t click that link unless you want to read about her horrible awful complicated pregnancy & birth story or if you object to the f-word, but I doubt that describes anyone reading this. The story ends well though (spoiler!).

I guess I DO know why I wanted to post this. I wish her & Drew all the best with their daughter. They’ve both brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years with their cartoons. Like a monster lot of enjoyment. And t-shirts. So, yeah. Congratulations and best wishes to them. And I’m glad Natalie is OK. Even though I’ve never met her. Because the internet is just like that.