We had a pretty good time at this show, which wasn’t as crowded as we expected.

Head Like a Kite was up first. We were a little late and unfortunately missed the first 15-20 minutes (though it was simulcast on the radio so at least we could listen to it in the car). I think their set at NecTar last month had better sound – there were some minor technical problems especially during “Ohio”, but YAY for getting to hear it AGAIN! And for several songs they were joined on stage by 5 people dressed as colorful stuffed animals, I guess you could say. Love HLAK. Love them!!!

Blue Giant we didn’t really listen to, just went to the upstairs bar to grab a drink and talk a while.

Harvey Danger acoustic set was wonderful as always. Just keyboard and occasionally the French horn for accompaniment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sean Nelson sings like a freakin’ angel. “Little Round Mirrors” and “Pike Street/Park Slope” were particularly great. I was disturbed by how noisy and talkative the crowd was, because this was special. I’m running out of adjectives, so I should probably stop with the gushing.

We skipped out after Harvey Danger in favor of playing Rock Band at our friend’s house.