October 2008

The KEXP concerts have been coming fast & furious all of a sudden. This was kind of a weird one – started late, ended early <shrug>. I liked the music pretty well though.


I managed to screw up royally earlier this year by accidentally scheduling a trip during the weekend the Mountain Goats were at Neumo’s. So it’s been longer than I wanted since I last saw them live. 

What can I say? They’re one of my favorite bands. The show was awesome and the crowd energy was fantastic. They played a great mix of old and new songs, and did a cover of Morrissey’s “Suedehead” that cracked me up. I was beyond thrilled to have 3 songs from Tallahassee.

I think the Showbox at the Market is our largest small venue in Seattle, holding probably 3,000-4,000 (crowd estimation is not one of my strengths though). There is nothing more life-affirming than having that many people shouting along to “No Children” at the top of their lungs. It makes me feel less anti-social for liking that song so goddamned much :-)

Some kind person posted the setlist. I’m pasting it below the cut.


tbirds Well, the T-birds don’t seem to be off to a stellar start this season, and Saturday’s game might have showed us why. Sure, they’ve lost a fistful of good players to being over 20 years old. But they could hardly ever gain possession of the puck, couldn’t maintain possession (Kelowna did look strong defensively at center ice), and lacked speed.

Thomas Hickey was back, having failed to make the cut in Los Angeles. So we were happy to see him because he’s pretty much the only capable passer out there.

Funny thing was, we saw Kelowna play the T-birds four times last season (including 3 playoff games), so I recognized a lot of their players too. Like, “oh, yeah, the Bloodoff brothers! Awesome!” and “oh, yeah, there’s that super-tall defenseman!” And by that, I mean 6″ 7′. Yes, I checked. Shut up.

With so few games being played at the Key this season, we’re not sure how many we’ll get to see. They’re home this Saturday, but we’re going out of town.

Seen in the Cinerama lobby as we were leaving The Godfather: a cardboard stand-up ad thingy for a movie about a headless dog? Or maybe someone made this dog’s owner an offer he couldn’t refuse?


I don’t know when I became a total slut for The Godfather but I so am. If I’m ever flipping channels and happen across it, that’s what I’m watching for the next however long.

So last week when I noticed the marquee on the gorgeous Cinerama theater announcing that tickets were on sale for The Godfather, opening Oct 10th, I just about lost my freakin mind. Then we went to see it on Sunday, and I actually DID lose my freakin mind. Never had it occurred to me that I could see it on a big movie screen. Hooray for whoever restored it for blu-ray!

Again, not many new things in the kitchen lately, but I am in the middle of making from-scratch cupcakes for the first time, using recipes from The Dessert Bible for yellow cake and chocolate frosting. So, yay me, I guess.

The first batch rose way more than I was expecting and I was worried that they came out poorly. I made the supreme sacrifice of sharing one with theCultFigure to see if they were edible, and happily, they are. Pix of not-yet-frosted cupcakes after the jump.


about Pon and Zi. In case no one ever told you either, I’m telling you now. You don’t have to live another day without them!



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